Shady’s Back.

Back again.  For a short while at least.

I have been gone for almost 2 years from this blog.  I’m now finishing up my Masters in Training and Development.  This blog started as one of my first assignments.  Now, fittingly, it’s also one of my last.  Shout out to all the wonderful people in the TRDV 411 class right now (Instructional Methods and Delivery).  I make no apologies for my language here.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a swearing problem.  And I’m not even sorry about it.


Did you watch Sex and the City when it was on years ago?   There was a moment when Carrie Bradshaw saw some Manolo’s (translation for those who don’t know:  those are shoes.  Expensive shoes.) in a window.  I have never really been a “girly-girl” looking at different purses or shoes.  I find what I need, in a size that fits, for the occasion.  Done. Never really understood that attachment to purses or shoes.


I began to spin a couple of years ago.  I go to a local place by me for classes.  Yes, I know I just jumped from shoes and purses to spin.  Stay with me.

I also have been stalking Peloton bikes online this past year.  It’s a spin bike for your home.  You pay for a monthly subscription for live classes, on demand classes and scenic rides.

It cost more than my first car.

And I love it.



Now I understand, Carrie.  Now I understand.

Where it all began……


I never lifted weights before entering college at the University of Chicago, where I did my undergrad.  I walked on to the varsity softball team and found my “squad” as youth today would say.   I found my therapy both on the field and in the weight room.  I was able to balance the stress of classes, midterms happening three weeks into a class, competing in classes with graduate students, and professors who would give you an “X” on a test because “it wasn’t even worthy of a grade.”

Yeah.  That really happened.

But back to lifting.


This has basically become my philosophy:  LIFT HEAVY.

Earlier this year, I hired an “on-line coach” to set up my macros (more about that in another post) and set up my lifting/workout schedule.  I felt like I knew my way around a gym/weight room, but I just needed the PLAN.  There’s always that part of my brain that is second guessing….is this the right lifting plan?  Should I be doing more/less/whatever?  I had discovered the app “Bodyspace” and you could search and follow various lifting schedules that have been created by those in the fitness industry.  Hiring the coach gave me some peace of mind.  I’m just going to give into the recommendation and do what Coach Kait prescribed.

And it worked.  And holy shit,  it worked.

What was this holy grail?  It was a 3 day lift schedule, what is commonly known as “Push-Pull-Legs”  combined with 3 days of spinning (more on my love affair with spinning also to come).  It wasn’t rocket science.  Had I been more confident in myself and dedicated to the pursuit without Kait, I probably could have Googled and found this on my own.  Live and learn.  Here’s what my workout schedule looked like:

PPL for blog.JPG



I did this consistently for about 18 weeks or from about April through August.  I stopped. Why?

I got bored.  I needed a change.  My time with Kait was done and I had moved on.  I’m now doing a new program that was developed by Bret Contreras, Ph.D., CSCS.  He’s known as “The Glute Guy.”  I mean, come on, how can you NOT do a program developed by “The Glute Guy”?

But this time of consistent lifting and HEAVY has shown me the most improvement in building muscle and CHANGING THE SHAPE OF MY BODY.  No Jane Fonda, 20 reps at 2lbs. My apologies to all those who follow Jane.  But that shit is not for me.   Now I need to go lift heavy and find my peanut butter.

Knock knock…..Who’s there?


It’s me.  Megan.

Mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Sergeant. Attorney. Lifter. Spinner. 

Not necessarily in that order.

I swear too much.  Laugh too hard at inappropriate memes.  And have a love for the weight room, spinning and protein powder.  For the last three (NOW FIVE!) years or so, lifting and spinning have been my therapy, my salvation, my comfort, my joy, my “me time.”  

I’m married and the mom to two daughters, ages 8 and 5, going on 25. I’m a Chicago Police Sergeant and have been with the Chicago Police Department for 19 years.  I’m an attorney, but not practicing so much these days.  See prior statement about two daughters.  And a husband who works an opposite shift.  

I’m also trying to get my Masters in Training and Development, which is the reason this blog began.  It’s an assignment that I’m hoping becomes my other outlet for ramblings, swearing, memes, workouts, music inspiration, recipes and general f#ckery.